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About us …

(… and how we started)

Zippedyzoom.club is a website set up and owned by the Walking Theatre Company through the Wellbeing Fund administered by the Corra Foundation.

Zippedilla berating the badnasty bug

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom not so far away, all the people had to stay indoors so that, they didn’t get caught by the gruesome spells of a beastly bad, Bug. The Bug had crept into the land when everyone was extremely busy looking the other way, and, as it was so tiny, in fact near invisible, no one noticed as it began to weave its bad magic, until people started a’huffing and a’puffling,  a’snizzling, and a’wheezzling and feeling so terribly dreichit, they had to go to their bedlums.   

Some people became so spellbound, that they had to lie down in Poorleytoriums for months and months and months, everyone was in uproar, ‘what do we do’ they cried!  So it was decreed, that everyone must flee and fly, super quick, into their houses to hide, and why, I hear you cry? Well it was discovered by super Brainy Boffins (like me), that once the Bug had no-one to cast its spell over, it would have nothing to do and so it would become very, very, very bored and as soon as it realized that there was absolutely no fun to be had from being shockingly bad, it would just go poppidy-poof and disappear from whence it came, as quickly as it had arrived.  

So everyone was hiding in their houses, with their families or on their own, for weeks and weeks and some more weeks and weeks. At first all the people said Hurrah and Huzzah, no schooliums or aworkaling for me, I am on my extended hollibags, yipideedee! But as the weeks went on, and the Bad Bug roamed the towns and cities, and the hills and glens, looking for peeps to cast it spells upon,  the people became sad, they had run out of pasta, toilet roll and conversation, and totally everyone was feeling a tinsy-wincey bit mad!   

Prof. Zippedilla putting the club together!!

So we brainy Boffins came up with a plan, called ZippedyZoom, a club for me and you, stuffed with big buckets of stuff, for everyone to do.  Lots of stories and making and play, something you can have a go at each day. Indoors or out, you can be quiet or you can shout. On your own or with friends and family on-line, the ZippeyZoom.Club is a place for having a hippedy Happy Time!  

Join the flippy-flappy fun! Look forward to seeing you there, everyone. 

~ Proff Zippedilla Zoom