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Meet your host of the week and their chums! Lots of fun and laughter for a magical Monday! 


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Here’s Our Latest Zippedy Video

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have new zoom-tastic videos – and here is the latest one!!

A Tour of Wonderland with the White Rabbit!

There’s lots more to see and do here!!

Our Latest Zippedy Zooms! 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the team post new adventures! 

Magic Monday – White Rabbit’s Zooming Quiz-Along!

Zippedy Zoom wonderful zoomers, here we are in the lab all ready for a woodland wonderland week. The White Rabbit is here with other crazy peeps from storyland. The Rabbit[…]

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Funtastic Friday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge

Zip Zip Zoomers, its funtabulous Friday, and what an Ecotastic week we Boffins have had. There is almost no recycling left in the Lab, and that tricksy Mister Rumplestiltskin has[…]

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Wacky Wednesday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge

Zippedy New Day! Hustle up zooming peeps, it’s Wacky Wednesday, and today we have that Master-trickster Rumpelstiltskin in the Lab to get us all tidy and do all our recycling.[…]

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Magic Monday – Jerome the Gnome’s Zooming Recycle Challenge!

Zoop Zoop Zippers, how was your zoomie weekend? Did you all make like Outlaws and get merry? The Boffins have been zipping with merriment and mischief, it got rowdy doody,[…]

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Funtastic Friday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

Zip Zip Zoomers, its funtabulous Funday Friday, so what have we got to do today? Robin Hood and the outlaws are having a zipping zoom quest everyday, there are arrows[…]

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Wacky Wednesday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

Zip Zip peeps, hurrah and huzzah, it’s Wacky Wednesday, and today we have Nigel The Ninja Witch Catcher, to do some chores this week, and he has decided to make[…]

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Introducing the Zippedy Zoom Club!

Welcome to the Club, a place for me & you
Stuffed with big buckets of stuff, for everyone to do.
We’ve got loads of stories & making & play.
Something you can have a go at each day. 
Join in on your own or with friends & family online
The is a place for a Hippedy-Happy Time!
Join the us for loads of flippy-flappy fun,
Look forward to meeting you all, welcome everyone!
~ Prof. Zippadilla Zoom

Earn Zoompoints with Dorothy Gale

Hi there all you Zippedy Zoomers! It’s me, Dorothy Gale, zooming in from all the way over the rainbow.


Home Safety with Nigel the Ninja!!

We have lots of things for you to do!

Make a mask, send a card, play a flute or become a bard. There’s lots to do each week.


Quizzing and quizzes are super fun on , particularly when the Prof sets the Qs.


Win by helping the grown-ups you live with: Prof. will set all sorts of projects…


Every week can be shared with friends and family by video conference apps like Zoom & Google Hangouts.


Every week we will make all sorts of excitings things – we’ll stick, and cut, and colour and make origami! 

A Short Tale of Lockdown

What? Is that the Cowardly Lion we see by those trees?

When not locked down because of the bug, all your favourite characters can be found all over Scotland – and we mean all over!

Wiz Around Oz

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion need your help to find the Wiz.

Robin Hoodie

Robbing the rich and giving to the poor

Treasure Island

and Jim ‘Lad’ Hawkins are shipwrecked with an audience on an island full of treasure, and Ben Gunn.

The Red Queen

Off with whose head? Not yours. Not hers. Mine? Surely not. 

ZippedyZoom Crazee Peeps Archive

From Hatters to Wizards, from heroes to wicked teachers, from Granny wolf to fluffy wabbits, they are all here, and coming to a week near you soon!! And what do the white icons mean on their pictures? Can you guess?

The Zoomers’ Clubhouse

Zoomer’s parentals let us know what they think of Professor Zippedyphailia Zoom’s club.

“We are sailing… ! We are sailing!” We loved seeing Jim ‘Lad’ Hawkins singing! Aargh! Problem is the decks are’nae gettin’ swabbed! Can ye send the lad back soon?  We miss him! Thanks!  

I wish to remain anonymous!

(The teacup gave it away)

If I’d known that lockdown meant I’d have to share my palace with you-know-who I’d have run away with the circus. is a such blessed relief! All the creatures sit down and watch and stop flapping… and chirping… and squeaking! Thank you Prof. Zoom!

Wicked Queenie

Snow’s Steppy!

I’m often late, but not as often as I used to be, because the kits are SO taken with the they watch her over and over and over again. Oh, wait! Oh No! I am late! Again!

White Rabbit


Watch the latest video – it’s ZippedyZoom!

Our Team

You know they are talented, and fun, and wacky, but do you know exactly who they are? Here are our actors, artists, practitioners and producers. We love them – we are sure you will too!

Rebecca Bloom

Actor, Director

Iain Armstrong


David Carnan


Amy Conway


Euan Cuthbertson


Paul Darroch

Actor, Videographer

Brandon Dodsworth

Actor, Maker

Sadie Dixon-Spain

Actor, Writer, Director

Stephanie Falls


Emma Grace

Actor, Presenter

Karen Herbison

Actor, Puppeteer

Robert Howat

Actor, Director

Colin Little

Actor, Director

Kirsty Miller


Sarah Peachy


Paul Stirat


Arran Towers

Actor, Story-teller

Jessica Wootton

Voiceover Artist

Mr Mike Magic

Magician from the USA

Charlie Barley

Webmaster, Graphic Design, Production

Oak Tree Productions

Film & Video Production

Selwyn & Ink

Art, Film, Music etc

Aida H Dee

from Draq Queen Story Hour UK

Holly Emmett


Isaac Whittaker-Dakin

Actor, Director, 

Samantha Pears


Nicole Haddon


Alana Mathers

Singer & Maker

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