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Tag: Poetry

Magic Monday – Robin Hood’s ZoomAlongAQuest!

Zip Zip Zoomers, what a week we had in Fairyland, it was whizbingling magic, there were pranks and japes and cakes and yummyness, oh and lots and lots of sparkles. Now the Fairies have all flown away, so we are back with our footsies on terra firma, which is lucky because this week we are…
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Magic Monday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Zippedy Zoom Zoom to all you Zoomers. Its week two in the make and play lab and what a fribulicious week we have ahead. Get ready steadies teddies as Scotland’s Worst Poet EVER is our host and he is treating us all to a Limerick-a-Zoomalong? And what on tuft-fluff is that you might ask? Well…
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