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Month: September 2020

Magic Monday: Singalong-a-Zoomalong with Queen Wicked!

It’s Singalong-a-Zoomalong week, and we’ve got lots and lots of funtastic bits and bobs for you to join in with here on Zippedy Zoom! We’ll be warbling and wailing beautifully all week, we do hope you’ll tag along and sing along with us.

Magic Monday: Singalong-a-Zoomalong

Once upon a Lockdown, Queen Wicked is in her palace, she just loves being her own space, so not much had changed for her, until her thoughtful stepdaughter came to stay with her ‘dearest stepmama’. Snow White and her charming happy-ever-after Prince are bringing a little cheer and lots of singing to the Queen’s sad…
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