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Author: Charlie Barley

Magic Monday: Zooming Sea-Party!!

Zippedy Zoom Zoom to all you Zoomers. Its week three in the make and play lab and what a salty and ship-shapely week we have ahead. Get ready shipmates as Selkie The Sea Witch, rises from her cold blue kingdom, to set a Zooming Sea Party for us all. Some unlikely sea-faring folk have dropped…
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Funtastic Friday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Hello zoomers, and welcome back to Funtastic Friday. We Boffins have a zipping episode for you today, to round up our Limerick-a-Zoomalong and the Boffins in the Make and Play Lab are still Limericking and wordsplinging, it’s getting all a bit messy.   …. An Apple Smile! So before we get more weirdly wordings into…
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Magic Monday: Limerick-a-Zoomalong

Zippedy Zoom Zoom to all you Zoomers. Its week two in the make and play lab and what a fribulicious week we have ahead. Get ready steadies teddies as Scotland’s Worst Poet EVER is our host and he is treating us all to a Limerick-a-Zoomalong? And what on tuft-fluff is that you might ask? Well…
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Funtastic Friday: Singalong-a-Zoomalong with Snow White

Funtastic Friday is here and hello to you all, what have we got to share? Well the oojit was plinged and spun about and the Make and Play lab filled with flashy splashy lights, so hang on to your paint pots and here we go… Here comes the beautiful Princess Snow White, all the way…
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Wacky Wednesday: Singalong-a-Zoomalong

Hello Zippedy-Zoomers, welcome back to you all. So today is our very first jam packed Wacky Wednesday. We have been awesomely busy twaddling the mizzles and the woojits in the Make and Play Lab, to bring laughter, dancing, baking, collecting Zoom points, and when all the busy-ness is done, time for a cuddle up and a…
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Magic Monday: Singalong-a- Zoomalong

Below is a sneak peek of this content! Once upon a Lockdown, Queen Wicked is in her palace, she just loves being her own space, so not much had changed for her, until her thoughtful stepdaughter came to stay with her ‘dearest… This is exclusive content for all Zippedilla’s friends who have joined the club…
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