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Funtastic Friday – Mad Hatter’s Zooming Tea Party

Zip Zip Zoomers, its Funtastic Friday and our Wonderland Adventure is drawing to a close, booooo, however we have a fun filled episode for you all today, huzzah… First up is the caketastic Brandon D, who is showing us all how to make Butterfly Cakes, the Mad Hatter is hoppingly hiphip haaaapeeeey, however we would…
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Wacky Wednesday – Mad Hatter’s Zooming Tea Party

Wibbling Wonderloonies, its Wacky Wednesday again, and we are here with the Mad Hatter and his chums. They have been busy in the lab and made a right rumpus messings, which we Boffins are really enjoying as there is lots and lots to eat and plenty of shlurpingly lalalaloveryly tea. First out of the lab…
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Magic Monday: Zooming Sea-Party!!

Zippedy Zoom Zoom to all you Zoomers. Its week three in the make and play lab and what a salty and ship-shapely week we have ahead. Get ready shipmates as Selkie The Sea Witch, rises from her cold blue kingdom, to set a Zooming Sea Party for us all. Some unlikely sea-faring folk have dropped…
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